lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

O Porto tá fixe

Ya hemos vuelto y traemos recuerdos del Duero.
De AGI Open nos quedamos con algunas de las frases maestras:

Mariscal: "Follow the concept. Have it clear, then communicate."

Pierre Bernard: "My solutions take form of new questions."

Marion Bantjes: "Mental sketches... I do a looot of mental sketches to visualize the form of the main idea."

Ahn Sang-Soo: "Latent dreams... when they take meaning falling to the earth".

Peter Knapp: "A magazine should be made by 80% of images and a bit of copy."

Sara Fanelly: "As said Samuel Becket: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again, fail better."

Abbot Miller: "Projects are the process: A logo is a small piece of architecture; A poster is a good story hit by a car; A book is
a movie you hold in your hands", Signage is type having sex with architecture; An exhibition is a room with a plot."

Stefan Steigmaster: "Obsessions make my like worse and my work better."

Bruno Moguzzi: "Before starting we must decide how shitty we want our shit to be."

Cyan: "Each project demands it´s own process".

Michael Beirut: "The target audience is more marvelous than want your think".

Y de Oporto nos fascinó la forma como convive lo antiguo con el contemporáneo, como se reinventa, como conjugan
lo decadente con el buen gusto. Un ejemplo: "A vida portuguesa".